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Trajan Completes Integration of SGE Analytical Science

26 June 2014: Melbourne, Australia: Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) will complete the integration of SGE Analytical Science (SGE) at all major operational centers in Australia, Europe, the US and Asia, as of July 1, 2014, when SGE entities will register new Trajan business names.

For workers in many laboratories around the world, SGE is synonymous with the highest quality in chromatography components and consumables. The company has established a leading reputation over the last 50 years. The SGE brand will live on and continue to grow in this field, supported by Trajan and its well-established network of distributors.

Stephen Tomisich, Trajan's Chief Executive Officer said, "We are proud to build on the strong foundations of SGE as one of our trusted brands."

Trajan's focus is on developing and commercializing technologies that enable analytical systems to be more selective, sensitive and specific for biological, environmental or food related measurements, particularly those that lead to portability, miniaturization and affordability.

"Our growth plans will see us enter a number of new fields, beyond the traditional SGE chromatography landscape, over the coming year. Trajan is now in a position to strengthen existing partnerships and forge new ones on our journey towards personalized measurement, meaningful analysis for point-of-care diagnostics and environmental monitoring" said Mr Tomisich.

Trajan's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Andrew Gooley, believes that by fully integrating SGE into Trajan, it will enable the company to make the most of SGE's capabilities and work more effectively with industry, academic and government partners to develop new technologies for human and environmental wellbeing.

"We are very excited to undertake new projects beyond our established analytical chemistry product portfolios. The company's expertise in miniaturized glass and metal fabrication, chemistry platforms, precision scientific tubing and micro fluidic components and connections will make a major contribution both to our partners and to end-users." said Dr Gooley.

Trajan, formed in 2011, has a global presence with around 300 staff worldwide, with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and significant operations in the USA, Europe and Japan.

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